Spencer Okeson

Spencer Okeson

Senior Designer | Senior Project Manager


Born in the Midwest and raised in Phoenix, Spencer has played an integral part in the development & growth of HPLA Studio since 2014. His role as Senior Designer & Project Manager consists of leading & overseeing design, production, and quality control, on a wide array of projects, for the Scottsdale office. His passion for the outdoors, and a feeling of being at home in nature, led to his pursuit of landscape architecture. Over time this passion has evolved broadly, culminating in a desire to design spaces that bring the wondrous adventure and reprieve of the natural world to the built environment. Spencer envisions landscape architecture as a harmonization of all other disciplines. He understands landscape architects are in a unique position to be keepers of the land for today & tomorrow, and this begins by thinking both creatively and analytically. Spencer finds inspiration and perspective through rock climbing, hiking, and travelling, always striving to bring the experience and timeless beauty found outside to his work.


Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture
(Arizona State University)


Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia)