hpla is an integral division of the award winning, nationally recognized architectural design firm of Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P. hpla provides landscape architecture and site planning consulting services to the private and public sector specializing in the landscape architectural design for multifamily and mixed-use projects. The firm offers experienced professionals providing a responsive and creative approach to landscape architecture and site planning throughout the United States and beyond.

The firm is known for its unique and creative solutions to complex housing projects as well as the ability to balance functionality, budget and aesthetics. The collaboration between Humphreys & Partners Architects and hpla provides our clients with a proven seamless transition in design between the interior and exterior of our dynamic amenity area creations. This partnership has found hpla emerging as a leader in the multi-family field, working for developers and owners while providing each an understanding of project demands, technical proficiency, responsive service and fresh contemporary design.

HPLA Trends

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