Humphreys and Partners Landscape Architecture has offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Newport Beach, California. As part of the ONE/Humphreys family, our body of work encompasses the United States and beyond. Since our genesis through partnership with Humphreys and Partners Architects in 2009, HPLA Studio has broadened its locales and continues to expand our horizons at the forefront of landscape architecture. With our unique and personal approach to each project, we seek connection with both client and site, to develop designs that exceed expectations and harmonize the built & natural environment.


HPLA fosters an environment filled with collaborative creativity and valued individuality. This belief, along with other guiding tenents, aims to facilitate passionate innovation from sketch to finished product. We are always searching for talented designers that will connect and contribute to the HPLA experience.

Every project at HPLA is approached collectively, from lead designer to project coordinator. Within this ongoing collaborative process, we embolden all of our employees to personally explore ideas that inspire both themselves and the team. While at times we may not be actively seeking new prospects, we’re always eager to hear from talented individuals and strong personalities. If you feel a desire to be an integral contributor to HPLA Studio, we encourage you to apply.

Job Openings